How much does a ticket cost?

Obviously, the first thing you should do is try not to get one!

A recent study found the following average rate increases, keep in mind this is nationwide and includes all carriers.  Each state will have differences, and even further differences company to company, but felt that these averages may be helpful to some of our customers.

  • A minor speeding ticket (1-15 over) about 21% increase
  • Following too closely is about a 19% increase
  • Improper Lane usage is around 18% increase
  • Reckless driving is closer to an 85%  increase

One misconception I hear very often is, “They told me I wouldn’t get any points on my license, so my insurance shouldn’t be effected.”  There are two different items at play here.  In the state of Georgia, every time you get a violation there is a corresponding number of points that are added to your license.  Once you reach a certain number of points the State will suspend your license.  These tickets are still reported to the state and are added to your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).   Insurance companies do not care about your point totals with the state, or what sort of deal you worked out with the court.  If you have a ticket, they are going to use it in determining your rate.

It is common that a person who gets a ticket pleads “Nolo” or “Nolo Contendere.”  This basically is telling the authorities that you do not wish to contend or argue the ticket.  You pay the fine, and in return for you not trying to argue they agree to waive the points that they would otherwise add to your license.  Again, this will show up on an MVR and it will be used in rating.


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